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Top Halloween Group Events in New Orleans

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Halloween in New Orleans 2023 

Halloween in New Orleans is an electrifying experience, with its blend of mystique, history, and vibrant celebrations. As the eerie season approaches, many groups seek thrilling adventures and shared scares. If you’re looking to join the revelry with friends, you’re in luck! From haunted house tours to costume crawls and festivities, the Crescent City offers a bewitching array of group events to make your Halloween unforgettable. In this guide, we’ll unveil the top group activities that will have you and your companions howling with delight in the heart of NOLA. 

Visit a Haunted House 

new orleans halloween events 13th floor house advertisement

One spine-tingling option for groups is the 13th Floor Haunted House, renowned for its bone-chilling thrills. Within its sinister walls, you’ll encounter hair-raising attractions like The Deadlands and Repossessed, and navigate the eerie corridors of a Midnight Mortuary. Yet the fear factor doesn’t just stop there.

The 13th Floor offers more than just scares—it boasts a hidden bar, challenging escape room, and an unprecedented sensory experience. In this intense journey, guests venture through a pitch-black maze, relying solely on their senses of sound, smell, and touch to conquer physical challenges, pushing the boundaries of fear like never before at New Orleans Nightmare. 

Compete in a Costume Contest

new orleans group events costume contest participants

In the vibrant Halloween scene of New Orleans, showcasing your creativity through costumes is a must-do. Many Halloween events across the city offer exciting costume contests that allow you and your group to shine. Whether it’s the spookiest, most glamorous, or outrageously imaginative costumes, these contests invite friendly competition.

Not only can you vie for the top spot among your group of friends, but you can also test your sartorial prowess against fellow revelers. It’s a chance to let your inner ghoul or glamour queen shine and be part of the spirited costume culture that defines Halloween in the Big Easy. 

Themed Parties and Masquerade Balls 

halloween group events
Photographer: Seth Nueffer

The Krewe of BOO! is set to dazzle with their Captain’s Masquerade Ball on October 20th. For a seamless experience, snag General Admission tickets at $20 in advance or $25 at the door. This extravagant affair promises drinks, dancing, and music galore, creating an ideal backdrop for group revelry.

Meanwhile, over at Brews and Boos, adults in your group can revel in Halloween delight within New Orleans City Park. Held inside Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, this adults-only soirée offers unlimited rides, an array of beer, delectable treats, and much more. Taking place from 8 PM to 11 PM on both October 27 and 28, this spectacular event is not to be missed. 

Maximize your Halloween Adventure with a New Orleans Bus Rental 

When it comes to enjoying the spooktacular festivities of Halloween in New Orleans, punctuality and safety are key. Make the most of your group’s experience by opting for a charter bus rental New Orleans.

With New Orleans bus rental services, you can ensure everyone arrives together and on time to all the haunted house tours, costume crawls, parties, and balls. Forget the hassle of parking and navigating the city—sit back, relax, and let the professionals handle the transportation while you focus on creating unforgettable memories. Book your charter bus rental New Orleans today and make this Halloween one for the books! 

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